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Derrick is an Author, Business Coach, Motivational Speaker, and a Certified Professional Barber. He’s the CEO/Founder of His Image Barber Lounge on the Westside of Wilmington DE and the President of Delaware’s Board of Cosmetology and Barbing at the Department of Professionals Regulations in Dover Delaware.


As a Business Coach, Derrick helps to instill in people passion, purpose, power, vision and drive to achieve sustainable results. He’s a trusted business coach and a professional barber who has attracted the attention of numerous audience with his fashionable style of barbing creativity and have boasted a demonstrated track record of success in the business world and in the life of individuals.



Two Time Delaware Best Black Business Award



Delaware City Council


  • Outstanding Community Achievement Award 

  • Duffy's Hope Delaware Hometown Hero Award 

  • Mighty Men's Calendars inductee. 

  • Author of Best Selling, Self Published book "Mind Set Go" You're Bigger Than Know" 

  • Two Time Playwright of the Year Award Best Comedy Stage Play 2016



  • Compassion for Community Award

Presented by Women's Ministries. 

  • Countless Barbering Awards


Areas of expertise
business coach

Business Coach 



professional barber

Professional Barber

leadership and guidance

Leadership & Guidance

motivational speaker

Motivational Speaker

Derrick D. Reed, Author

Derrick is the Author of the book "Mind Set Go". This book is his first publication and has been instrumental in restructuring and positioning positive mindset in the life of every individual. With his pervasive skills and experience, Derrick D. Reed, presents a straightforward insight into business coaching and leadership and in the process helped individuals to authentically define, differentiate and systematically achieve their goals in a competitive business environment.


He boldly empowers people to ignore pessimists who suggest “it can’t be done” and reveals a positive, practical and strategic approach to support them in realizing their biggest dreams.


A spiritual journey that takes you deep inside of your mind, body, heart, and soul.​


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Investment in your soul 

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Let me just say, I don’t enjoy reading because I don’t like “fluff” (I just learned that the bs aka meaningless words in between sentences are called fluff btw) however I just Finished the book a few days ago and the only problem I had with it is... that I wish I had it sooner.


Tierny Jackson,

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Derrick Reed